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We will be closing May 18th (Sat) and 19th (Sun) for early summer break.





one piece for Your SMILE

Kaede ~楓~ "Japanese maple" is a beautiful tree that fascinates people all year around as its leaves change color with the seasons.

The name of 『KAEDE』comes from the maple tree and it's filled with the desire to always enjoy our customers and make everybody happy, just like kaede.

KAEDE is the ​∼寿司割烹∼ "Sushi-Kappou" restaurant, which is hybrid between Sushi Bar & fine Japanese Bistro.

It is a style of Authentic sushi restaurant in Japan.

Owner/Chef Izumi Uehara and Shinji Uehara had been working and learning in The Netherlands, Japan and San Francisco, then have cultivated knowledge and technique about sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Please enjoy the harmony of sushi and dishes and atmosphere that is weaved by us with senses (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Taste), beyond that, we aim to produce a warm and comfortable dining experience its feeling like Japan for everybody. Please spend such a fun time with us in "KAEDE".

Our story

Owner/Executive chef    Izumi Uehara

After graduating from a highest ranked culinary school "Hattori Nutrition college in Tokyo", Izumi has been involved in Japanese cuisine in Europe, Japan and San Francisco for over 15 years.

In Europe, Izumi had been studying basic Japanese cuisine Knowledge and cooking skill at the Hotel Okura "YAMAZATO", the authentic Japanese restaurant as known that the first traditional "kaiseki" cuisine restaurant outside of Japan that awarded with a Michelin star, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Several years later, Izumi goes back to Japan. At that time had been working an "Edomae" sushi restaurant in Tokyo for years, then cross the Pacific Ocean in 2013.

Izumi had been working as sushi chef in several restaurant in San Francisco and Sausalito included a had earned a Michelin star restaurant.

 In 2021, Move to Portland to open the "KAEDE"

Head Sushi chef Shinji Uehara

Shinji started to work at Sushi-Kappou restaurant "Kaioh" as a dishwasher/Deliver in Fukuoka, Japan when while attending University, majored in business administration.

After graduating the university, decided to be sushi chef, because of his master chef Keisuke Yamahata, Shinji could learn a lot of techniques and how to be acting as sushi chef in the Sushi-Bar or more as a person from him.

After 8 years total in "Kaioh", Shinji left and had been working at several of "Kaiseki" restaurant and "Izakaya" in 3 years span to learn more variety of cooking skills.

In 2012, Shinji was able to cross the ocean come to the United States which is one of his dreams, then started to work at "SANRAKU" that is long time loved by locals in San Francisco, California.

Shinji had been working as sushi chef his first few years, then promoted and working as Head sushi chef in last several years at "SANRAKU".

In 2021, Moved to Portland with Izumi to open the "KAEDE".



We accept reservations online only.

 We accept reservations up to 2 weeks in advance. So, reservations for 2 weeks ahead will open every day.

Please note that, we are a small and intimate restaurant, so we are limiting the number of people a maximum of 2 per party, and we are unable to accept reservations for more than 3.

Walk-in customers are not acceptable at the moment.

Sorry for the inconvenience but same time we appreciate your understanding.

We look forward to serving you!!

Hours & Location

hours & location

Open: Thursday ~ Sunday 

Close: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Open Hours :


4:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM

(Last Reservation is 7:45 PM)

Take out *Sorry, currently not available.


8268 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202        

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